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タイトル: The Protean Complaint in Philip Roth's Fiction
著者: Mukesh, Williams
発行日: Feb-2010
出版者: 創価大学一般教育部
抄録: The paper argues that Philip Roth is not just a ribald fantasist or an erotic dreamer, but a serious modern novelist who confronts his Jewish, Christian and urban American heritage to represent the new protean lifestyle of his male Jewish protagonists who are guided by the gratification of sexual and psychological needs. Roth employs the tones of self-mockery and complaint to critique the repressive codes of Jewish morality surrounding his protagonists and helps them to release their psychic energies in love and promiscuity. As such a typical Rothian protagonist pursues the myth of total physical gratification through the successive women he encounters, all the time trying to escape the stranglehold of his psychologically repressive middle-class Jewish mother. An ideal protagonist of Roth seeks to claim an emotional and cultural terra cognita where he can enjoy freedom and bliss. But his relationships with both Wasp and Shikse women leave him dissatisfied and enervated. He paradoxically realizes that while seeking the twin goals of freedom and gratification he is moving away from them. In his search for a better world, the protagonist encounters operational men, men who have come to terms with reality, and who can now teach him how to lead a meaningful life. The protean complaint of the protagonist functions as an important strategy to evolve a new way to manage urban reality and forge a protean identity. The hilarious fantasy world of Roth's novels carries a more serious message of ethnic marginality, emasculation and urban loneliness.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10911/4762


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