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タイトル: FDI in Retailing in India: Evolution of the public policies and prospect of changes in the years to come
著者: シュレスタ, サロジ
キーワード: Retail
Direct Investment
発行日: 25-Dec-2015
出版者: 創価大学大学院
抄録: India is a growing economy and many consider it as an attractive country to invest in, particularly in its rapidly growing and changing retail market. However, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is partially restricted in retail sector, and despite many years of debate, the regulations are changing very slowly. Foreign Investors are watching India, and giving keen interest to invest in the retail sector, but there are still plenty of uncertainties, restrictions and potential socio-economic risks. Here question arise about the FDI inflow in India’s retail sector will be problematic or will open the door of opportunities? What kind of policies will be taken by the government of India in the coming years? Yet there is no clear answer for this question, there are some views that have been expressed both in favors and against FDI in Indian retail sector. An effort has been made in this paper to highlight the stipulated policies for allowing FDI, as well as argument in favors and against permitting FDI in retail sector, from different stake holders, for example, Government, Parliament, State level, Local and National retailers, and also this paper has discussed about the prospect of changes in policy related to retail industry in future and lessons that can be learnt from China.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10911/4649
ISSN: 03883035


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