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タイトル: 戦後における小学生の意見文の変化の様相
その他のタイトル: The Aspect of Changes in Opinion Essays of Elementary School Students
著者: 石丸, 憲一
発行日: 31-Mar-2016
出版者: 創価大学教育学部・教職大学院
抄録: In this research I attempted to observe the specific quality changes on how formalities and contents balance each other in actual students’ opinion writings in view of the fact that various types of efforts to teach opinion-essays in elementary schools were made at different periods in the past. By classifying each sentence in the students’ opinionessays into two categories of “commenting sentences” and “non-commenting sentences,” I analyzed them focusing on the three changes listed below: 1. Changes in“ commenting sentences” ratio. 2. Changes in the locations of segment in an essay in which“ commenting sentences” are placed. 3. Changes in usage of“ I think…” sentences. As a result, the following three findings were observed: 1. The opinion writings in Heisei period have less number of“ commenting sentences” than in Showa period in regard to the changes in “commenting sentences” ratio in the whole essay. 2. By analyzing the changes in“ commenting sentences” locations in the whole opinion essays, they appeared more often in the segments of the first half of the writings inShowa period; on the other hand, they tended to be located towards the end in Heisei period opinion-essays. 3. When I compared the ways of making comments for the view of how“ I think…” sentences are used, there were tendencies to show opinions more euphemistically in Heisei period. Regarding how conclusions were expressed, in Showa period, there were more comments urging the society and others to change, while in Heisei period, there were more comments expecting themselves to change.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10911/4613
ISSN: 03855031


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