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Feb-1983 Sutton Elbert Griggs : His Nationalism and Acommodationism (2) KISHIMOTO, Hisao; 岸本, 寿雄; キシモト, ヒサオ; 創価大学一般教育部
Dec-1984 Sydney and Olive Checkland, Industry and Ethos, Scotland, 1832-1914, Edward Arnold, 1984, Ppx+218 KITA, Masami; 北, 政巳; キタ, マサミ; SOKA UNIVERSITY; 創価大学経済学部
11-Aug-2013 Sylvia Nasar : Grand Pursuit : The Story of Economic Genius, 2011 坂本, 幹雄; Mikio, Sakamoto
Jan-2008 Task complexity manipulation and second language aptitude : A correlational study NAKANO, Maiko Katherine; ISHIKAWA, Tomohito; SHIMIZU, Keiko; ナカノ, マイコ; イシカワ, トモヒト; シミズ, ケイコ; 創価女子短期大学; 創価女子短期大学; 創価女子短期大学; Soka Women's College; Soka Women's College; Soka Women's College
Jun-2002 TEACHING ENGLISH WRITING TO JAPANESE COLLEGE STUDENTS 森戸, 由久; Morito, Yoshihisa; モリト, ヨシヒサ; 創価女子短期大学
1-Mar-2009 Technique and Configuration of the Indian Novel in English: Desani’s All About H. Hatterr Mukesh, Williams
31-Mar-2014 Temporary Contracts as a Screening Device in the Frictional Labour Market MASUI, Makoto
31-Mar-2012 Testing Granger Causality under Dynamic Covariance ASAI, Manabu
16-Mar-2015 The 40th Soka University, the 28th Soka Womens Junior College graduation ceremony congratulatory address March 20, 2014  Be Students of Life, and Teachers of Peace Sánchez, Óscar Arias
21-Dec-2014 The Auto Industry in Mexico:A SWOT analysis ペレス デブランド, フアン マヌエル; Juan Manuel, Perez Debrand; 経済学研究科経済学専攻博士後期課程在学
21-Dec-2012 The Automobile Industry in Latin America:Assessment of the conditions for sustainable development ペレス デブランド, フアン マヌエル; Juan Manuel, Perez Debrand; 経済学研究科経済学専攻博士後期課程在学
Feb-1978 The Black Novelist Before the Civil War(1) KISHIMOTO, Hisao; 岸本, 寿雄; キシモト, ヒサオ; 創価大学一般教育部
Feb-1979 THE BLACK NOVELISTS BEFORE THE CIVIL WAR (2) : The Garies and Their Friends : the First Novel about Free Northern Black Life 岸本, 寿雄; KISHIMOTO, Hisao; キシモト, ヒサオ; 創価大学一般教育部
Nov-1996 The Causal Relationships between Macroeconomic Variables in Japan(The 25th Anniversary of the Department of Economics, Soka University) KOBAYASHI, Koji; 小林, 孝次; コバヤシ, コウジ; SOKA UNIVERSITY; 創価大学経済学部
11-Feb-2005 The Causes of the Japanese Lost Decade : An Extension of Graduate Thesis 荒木, 悠; Araki, Haruka; 経済学研究科経済学専攻博士後期課程在学
Mar-1992 The Confessions of Nat Turner : その"Hero"と"Subject"について(林信行先生・渡辺藤一先生退任記念号) 岡崎, 弘信
Dec-2003 The Derivation of the Hessian Matrix of exp (A) with a Symmetric Real Matrix A 馬場, 善久; BABA, Yoshihisa; ババ, ヨシヒサ; 創価大学経済学部
Feb-2007 The Development of a Stable and Sustainable Employment System in East and South-East Asia ドボルー, フィリップ; Debroux, Philippe; 創価大学
2000 The East Asian Community : Unattainable Dream? Koide, Minoru; コイデ, ミノル; SOKA UNIVERSITY
26-Dec-2011 The Effect of Motivation and Proficiency on Strategy Use of Japanese University Students Matsumoto, Kaori; 松本, 香織; 文学研究科国際言語教育専攻修士課程修了
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